Original Hand Drawings & Illustrations

Hi my name’s Valerio aka Valgarts and I’m a Rome based illustrator.
My original hand drawings and B&W Illustrations are inspired by nature and the world around us, mountain views, forests and animals are often times the main subjects of my works.

I deal with themes like adventure, bushcraft and anything outdoor, with the explicit intent to create scenarios via which I celebrate the relationship between man and Nature.

Walking presupposes that at every step the world changes in some of its aspects and also that something changes in us!

The experiences we live whilst travelling, swimming, simply having a walk or facing the summit of a mountain, just leaves everlasting tracks within ourselves.

The data and memories acquired during these experiences, gift us the possibility to re-live these emotions endlessly, creating an indistructable bond.

We have the opportunity to enter into the work, become active in it and experience its pulsations with all the senses.



I like to create B&W illustration because this allows me to have a pure and rapid style, strongly evocative, made out of lines getting the point across even without using any colour.

It often seems like a cold-hearted technique, but in reality it’s a pretty complicated way to express a concept with which the observer could experience some very deep emotions.
The B&W tecnique allows the observer to concentrate on the data held by the image, in a more effective way.

You can find my original hand drawings and B&W illustrations on my Instagram account @val.gart.
I’m opened to commision and collaborations. Feel free to contact me at: